The Benefits of having a Logistics Company

We are living in a world where customers are getting smarter day by day, they are increasingly expecting frictionless services, slow services don’t stand a chance at all.  About anything and everything can be ordered from tablets and smartphones but shipping it across the planet can take a lot of time and can cost a lot at the same time. A variety of logistics start-ups have appeared to tackle shortcomings in various sectors of the shipping industry, from local deliver-by-bike messengers to international delivery.

“It’s popular worldwide because these gigantic billion-dollar budgets are owed to this, and it’s a pain in the ass to deal with at all stages,” says Jeff Clavie of Soft tech VC, his company has invested in both Postmates and shipping API provider Shippo.

Shippo has built a SaaS organisation that commerce and marketplace operators can integrate into their website to provide easy shipping options for customers. Smaller businesses that generally don’t qualify for shipping discounts can benefit from Shippo’s bulk rates, which continue to improve as the company scales and accumulates more shipments.

“We have tiny e-commerce companies reaching out but also monstrous companies doing the same,” says Clavier of Shippo’s customer base. “It’s a real pain point that exists in every stage. do you guys know that shipping companies spend about 16 billion dollars on repositioning empty containers which accounts for 15% of all operational costs related to container assets?


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