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Changing Construction Site Culture

As a concept, and a way to shape and mould your business, construction logistics may seem like a concern for management and management alone. Given that most projects are seen as one-offs with contractors and labourers moving from site to site – each with a different set of conditions and regulations – how can you effect changing construction site culture long term?

The answer lies in doing it as an industry. If one company pushed in this direction alone it would seem a lot of expense and extra red tape for nothing. If however the whole industry adopts such a strategy then suddenly there is a sea change.

Individual site managers can influence the dynamics and culture of a site – and of course this is where the results of change are realised. But nothing changes for the long-term without the full backing of those in management further up the chain and indeed of those from a wider industry perspective. It is truly selfless leadership from both individuals and corporations equally, that will drive the lasting change the industry requires.

Supply Chain Management In The Construction Industry

Every business needs a good supply chain management strategy to succeed. In this article, we investigate how this management strategy can help the construction industry.

supply chain managementSimply put, a supply chain management strategy helps businesses to reduce inventory costs. This means tracking the consumption of goods and the availability of products when needed. This approach will allow companies to monitor the process and movement of goods as well as the storage of raw materials. However, there are other benefits:

Supply Chain Management Means – Higher Output

It is often difficult in increase output, when there are a lot of moving parts, particularly when there are a lot of people to communicate with, fore example, other vendors and shipping companies. If you don’t have a lot of employees in your business, action is easy to decide, but difficult to implement. Companies might find it hard to move quickly, and have the best number of outputs every day. A supply chain management software’s goal is to give better communication which will result in better coordination between organisations and their partners.

With a good supply chain management software, the flow of information is smoother and can give better results. The construction industry is very critical, especially when it comes to supplies or inventories because more often than not, products are provided in bulk. One mistake in communicating with partners, may risk relationships and contracts.

Higher Profitability

Supply chain management allows a company to be innovative, whether in the construction industry or not. This strategy gives greater visibility and improves the collaboration of businesses. When one gets high output from these strategies, a business will have no problem getting higher profits. Innovation is the key to growing a business trying out various strategies for a business naturally increases the opportuinty of profiting from such.

Less Time Delays

When it comes to the construction industry, being on time is the secret ingredient success. Every construction project has a deadline which needs to be met; being able to deliver supplies is essential. Supply chain logistics allows a smooth and coordinated process from start to finish. This means that a business will be able to meet the demands of customers because you can communicate and coordinate with vendors and suppliers better.

The construction industry is very challenging. As with any demanding sector, it is still deemed a disadvantage to not having great strategies when successfully operating the business. With the help of a supply chain strategy, companies will find it better to manage business and deliver the best services to clients.

Project Management: Power Of Construction Logistics

There’s no question that construction logistics are important when it comes to properly managing work and getting the most out of everyone there. Project management can take many different forms, and it encompasses a wide array of different specific actions that streamline processes, help organise a work site to function more efficiently, and help push an entire project forward.

Construction Logistics Project Management

Construction Project Management

The power of good construction logistics can’t be underestimated. When you’re working any project (not just in construction), there are so many things that can fall through the cracks no matter how well-intentioned you are. Focusing and making sure all your teams are working effectively can take a lot of time and concentration, meaning keeping in touch with clients often falls through the cracks of managing all your teams.

Being able to accurately plan out when each stage of work is being done is crucial to becoming efficient, as well.  Without a solid plan you can often lose quarter days, half days, or even full days of work.

When you have a professional manager running a professional team, who specialises in juggling multiple facets of a project at once, more focus can be put on each team working at its full potential as the overall communication and big picture issues are being handled. Truly good managers also know how to help you shift resources from one team to another, making sure to keep everyone on the overall schedule.


Benefits of Proper Project Management

There are many benefits to going with experienced outside management. As with any type of project you need to do your research to make sure you get one of the top providers as opposed to a company or individual who claims to be a management specialist but doesn’t understand how construction logistics and projects work, or have the long history of successful projects to prove their worth. You want legitimately professional operations.

Just a few include:
– Better client communication
– Better project organisation
– Quality logistical planning
– Efficient project
– Better on site maintenance
– Faster completion of project

Always check to see what type of logistics company you are working with. While the demand for consultants is high in the construction field, meaning there are many specialists you can find who match up with your industry needs perfectly, there are also many general consultants. Some work well for construction projects anyway but you need to do the research to make sure you get the right fit for the job as opposed to just rolling the dice.

In Conclusion
There are many different situations where getting some experienced and talented logistics consultants and project managers can make all the difference. The construction industry is just one example of a field where client care, careful outside management, and smart logistical planning can make a massive amount of difference when it comes to getting the project done fast and right.

The Benefits of having a Logistics Company

We are living in a world where customers are getting smarter day by day, they are increasingly expecting frictionless services, slow services don’t stand a chance at all.  About anything and everything can be ordered from tablets and smartphones but shipping it across the planet can take a lot of time and can cost a lot at the same time. A variety of logistics start-ups have appeared to tackle shortcomings in various sectors of the shipping industry, from local deliver-by-bike messengers to international delivery.

“It’s popular worldwide because these gigantic billion-dollar budgets are owed to this, and it’s a pain in the ass to deal with at all stages,” says Jeff Clavie of Soft tech VC, his company has invested in both Postmates and shipping API provider Shippo.

Shippo has built a SaaS organisation that commerce and marketplace operators can integrate into their website to provide easy shipping options for customers. Smaller businesses that generally don’t qualify for shipping discounts can benefit from Shippo’s bulk rates, which continue to improve as the company scales and accumulates more shipments.

“We have tiny e-commerce companies reaching out but also monstrous companies doing the same,” says Clavier of Shippo’s customer base. “It’s a real pain point that exists in every stage. do you guys know that shipping companies spend about 16 billion dollars on repositioning empty containers which accounts for 15% of all operational costs related to container assets?


CSB Logistics Quality Champion

You may remember we awarded Rob Kuhler the very first CSB Quality Champion award, back in August of this year.

Well, obviously, we take our responsibilities and of course quality very seriously here at CSB, and naturally time and timing is a huge part of our service offering.

And cleverly combining the two, we know that time waits for no man, and so Rob has been succeeded by Miles Clark the Q2 Quality Champion 2016/17 – Howzat?!



Brexit - The Debate

Brexit FlagsThe referendum will be held on Thursday, 23 June, in which, we the voting public get to decide whether or not Britain should leave or remain in the European Union.

What is a referendum?

A referendum can be held about almost anything. It normally looks to resolve a simple yes or no answer.

In this case if more than 50% say yes to Europe, Britain will remain in the EU. If more than 50% say no to Europe, then GB will be out. That’s the simple part!
Incidentally, the reason we are having the referendum is because when the
Prime Minister won the General Election, he had already promised to hold one, (in the event that the Conservatives won the 2015 election) and partly in response to growing calls from his own Conservative MPs and also the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Both UKIP and elements of the Conservative Party asserted that Great Britain had not had a say since 1975. It was then that the country elected to stay in the Europe (again this was through at referendum).

They state (quite correctly) that the EU has changed a great deal ever since then. They say that it has gained additional control over our daily lives.

The European Union

Known as the EU normally, the European Union is a political and economic partnership which currently has twenty-eight European countries as members.

The whole thing started after the last world war, and the idea was that, with two world wars in just over 20 years, the notion was that countries that trade together are most likely going to steer clear of going to war together.

Since then, the whole thing has evolved beyond recognition. It now has the Euro, its own currency. (As of writing this there are 19 countries in the EU that have the Euro as their own currency)

The EU also has its own Parliament, which sets rules and laws around many aspects of the member nations’ lives including things such as transport, and the environment.

And so the question for all of us voting public.. Do we stay in or Do we vote out?

There is a lot of information, mis-information and spin around both sides, and often the general British public are caught in a fast flowing river of political shenanigans.

Unlike a general election, however; there will not be an opportunity to right a perceived wrong a few years later. This one seems to be for keeps.

Choosing which way you vote is, as always, a personal decision and one as they say ‘between yourself and the ballot box’. But it is essential to make the best informed decision you possibly can. Not just for yourself, but for generations to come.

Matt Barker – MD of CSB Logistics, is taking part in a Brexit Debate.

If you are yet to decide, or if you have decided and just want to feel certain, it’s a good place to listen in to the debate.

You can find out more here


Investment of £3.178m by Northamptonshire Council

An assembling firm in Northamptonshire has got the go-ahead for a £3.178m development of its home office. Material items master Hambleside Danelaw is working with Daventry District Council on arrangements to manufacture another 30,000 sq ft office beside its central station in Long March, Daventry, which it rents from the chamber.

The new advancement, which will suit another generation line for glass-fortified plastic (GRP) rooflights, was allowed support by DDC’s’ arranging committee a month ago.

The new office is a piece of Hambleside Danelaw’s arrangements for noteworthy long haul interest in light of the late financial upturn in the development business. The organization envisions that around ten extra employments will be made.

DDC is contributing £3.178m of capital subsidizing towards building the augmentation, which will be rented to the organization on a long haul premise. The arrangements take after the committee’s development of the organization’s motivation assembled base camp in Long March, off South Way, in 2007.

Chris Avery, overseeing executive of Hambleside Danelaw, said: “”We are delighted the plan has generated support and are anticipating progressing with the extension in organization with Daventry District Council.

“Integrating the roof light component of GRP generation to Daventry, near to our center markets, will permit us to lessen lead times, enhance logistics and in this way further enhance client administration.

“After a long stretch of retreat there is a gain in the development part right now and this major new extension reflects our organization’s late solid execution.”

Kubota UK and Unipart

Groundscare unit maker Kubota UK has collaborated with Unipart in a five-year parts administration and logistics bargain.

The assertion will see Unipart deal with Kubota’s national parts dissemination and logistics capacities for the following five years.

Kubota granted the agreement as a component of a more extensive venture project and went for gathering future development yearnings and encouraging its extension plans into fresher markets, in the same way as the standard farming segment. It accepts that collaborating with Unipart will empower Kubota to upgrade it’s after deals recommendation to its wide mixture of end clients.

Kubota UK overseeing chief Dave Roberts said: “Through the years, Kubota has added to a phenomenal notoriety for giving five star after-deals advertising.

“To keep on delivering outstanding administration levels, we assessed potential conveyance accomplices, and it rapidly got to be obvious that Unipart’s broad mastery in overseeing store network arrangements was second to none.

“This, together with the nearby closeness of Unipart’s circulation focus in Cowley, Oxford, to our Thame HQ, made them the perfect accomplice. The production of this new dissemination operation will help the critical venture we have set up keeping in mind the end goal to develop our item range and expand our piece of the overall industry.”

Unipart’s all day, every day operation will run the warehousing and circulation for Kubota, including the procurement of mission discriminating parts, to backing Kubota’s far reaching client base both in the UK, Ireland and the Nordic nations. Unipart will likewise supply segments straight to Kubota’s mechanical production system in Thame.

Roberts said he was sure, based on its reputation, that Unipart could reach its testing pace, adaptability and inventiveness targets.

Overseeing chief of Unipart Aftermarket Logistics Mike Varnom said the arrangement was an illustration of the organization’s scope of business driving customers.

“All Unipart destinations work as the Group’s restrictive form of operational excellence, known as The Unipart Way. This is a theory of working underpinned by instruments and systems that motivate proficiency, adaptability and extraordinary client administration into any process.”

What is FTA claiming now?

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has affirmed that it has gone into an organization game plan with City & Guilds keeping in mind the end goal to ‘fill the void’ of aptitudes advancement in the logistics segment. FTA has beforehand remarked that it accepts that the logistics business has been neglected by thhe government for financing to help professional preparing due to the unlucky deficiency of a broadly perceived capability system.

The association with City & Guilds will give broadly perceived capabilities over a scope of callings with the point of giving a more finished scope of abilities and advancement opportunities in the logistics area.

James Hookham, FTA Managing Director of Policy and Communications, said: “FTA is delighted to be working with City & Guilds, through this one of a kind association we will provide learning excellence with vocational training industry measures which will help get the logistics part to the 21st century.”

As a main professional training and vocational education association, City & Guilds capabilities are esteemed and help people build up their abilities and capacities for future movement. The beginning of the FTA and City & Guilds qualifications will be for Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management and level 3 qualifications, proportional to current Transport Manager CPC, will be propelled amid 2015.

FTA and City & Guilds will be advertising improvements of further qualifications for the logistics business amid 2015.

The association’s progressing responsibility to quality, constant change and development, has made FTA one of the UK’s driving supplier of education in the cargo and logistics industry.

The news is presented at the same time as the Road Haulage Association advertising that agents have been welcome to go to a gathering with the Treasury to address the issue of subsidizing for leaders to prepare UK occupants to drive in the haulage business. Further advancements will be secured by Fleetpoint in the nearing week.


North Sea gave Logistics a Push

UK North Sea work has boosted proceeds at energy logistics company Peterson Offshore Group. Netherlands based Peterson said yesterday operating profits from its United Kingdom businesses, including Aberdeen-based subsidiaries Peterson UK and 80:20 Procurement Services, grew by 9% last year, to £8.3 million. This is a pretty good rise.

The figure is more than half the group are total operating profits of nearly £16 million, an increase of 33% on the preceding year. Their revenue from the North Sea raised up to £12million to deliver a contribution of £288 to a group-wide figure of £550million.

Peterson said significant growth was seen at its offshore supply bases in Shetland, where it delivered logistics support for big oil and gas projects west of the islands.

The group also said that its operating companies capitalised a further £3.8 million in buildings and apparatus during 2013, comprising on warehousing and offices that are in Aberdeen. About 82,000 square feet of warehouse space and two additional berths at Aberdeen harbor were included to support growth in Peterson’s supply base management services.

New project teams were also recognised to support logistics consultancy activities following contract wins in the Middle East and India. In addition, the group invested in the development of new software in response to growing demand that is going to offer smart solutions and innovations for its customers.