Changing Construction Site Culture

As a concept, and a way to shape and mould your business, construction logistics may seem like a concern for management and management alone. Given that most projects are seen as one-offs with contractors and labourers moving from site to site – each with a different set of conditions and regulations – how can you effect changing construction site culture long term?

The answer lies in doing it as an industry. If one company pushed in this direction alone it would seem a lot of expense and extra red tape for nothing. If however the whole industry adopts such a strategy then suddenly there is a sea change.

Individual site managers can influence the dynamics and culture of a site – and of course this is where the results of change are realised. But nothing changes for the long-term without the full backing of those in management further up the chain and indeed of those from a wider industry perspective. It is truly selfless leadership from both individuals and corporations equally, that will drive the lasting change the industry requires.

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