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CSB specialises in material handling and logistics management for construction and related engineering industries – especially key trade contractor groups such as: Mechanical and Electrical; Envelope/Curtain-Walling; Lifts and Escalators.

These particular trade contractors all have a distinct need for advanced supply control. To facilitate a sustainable JIT flow of materials, market leaders in these sectors rely on CSB.

Our reputation has grown through the consistent provision of reliable and efficient operations, and in every customer relationship we aim to exceed expectations.

Wherever possible we seek to add value throughout logistics processes, while building agility and coordination across what are traditionally fragmented and inefficient supply chains.

CSB often operates at several levels within a particular trade’s supply chain – and for multiple trades on one project simultaneously. In this role we are clearly essential to maintaining productivity – a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our Construction Logistics Centres (CLCs) act as a control element in a wide variety of supply chains. While this provides us with a rare insight into what can be improved both upstream and downstream of our control, CSB are also studying supply networks from a wider perspective to understand the compounding impact of poor performance.

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