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Since the turn of the millennium, model construction projects have demonstrated the benefits of good Site Logistics. Not surprisingly, a clean, congestion free site environment has proved to be far more productive, and indeed safer, than one cluttered with excess equipment and materials.

Not only is site productivity best enabled by having just the right amount of materials, in the right place at the right time in the right condition, but immeasurable waste costs are saved in the prevention of damaged or ‘lost’ goods, and their expedited replacement. With further waste costs generating from non-productive labour and penalties for failure to complete work, the absence of good Site Logistics allows project costs to escalate uncontrollably.

As good Site Logistics requires only the necessary equipment and material to be onsite at any time, how well is this work facilitated by effective Supply Logistics?

Throughout the extensive supply network of a major construction project, visibility far upstream from site can get pretty murky, and tracking up-to-date logistics information can be a laborious if not futile task. Without well established lines of communication, managers responsible for maintaining site productivity are left in the dark, with little or no control over Supply Logistics.

Effective control of supply flow is the key to an efficient and productive construction site.

Maintaining communications between all the key elements of a supply network is half the battle in developing successful Supply Logistics – the rest relies on how well the supply flow of deliveries into site can be physically controlled. With the right ‘tools and systems’ in place Supply Logistics can be as flexible and responsive as construction needs it to be.

CSB Logistics has the necessary experience, expertise, systems and resources to provide the ultimate in supply control.

To provide the best in supply control for our clients, CSB Logistics offers a complete range of agile delivery logistics services, and by combining the right set of controls for each individual requirement we ensure that our operations are working to enable onsite productivity.

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