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Changing Construction Site Culture

As a concept, and a way to shape and mould your business, construction logistics may seem like a concern for management and management alone. Given that most projects are seen as one-offs with contractors and labourers moving from site to site – each with a different set of conditions and regulations – how can you effect changing construction site culture long term?

The answer lies in doing it as an industry. If one company pushed in this direction alone it would seem a lot of expense and extra red tape for nothing. If however the whole industry adopts such a strategy then suddenly there is a sea change.

Individual site managers can influence the dynamics and culture of a site – and of course this is where the results of change are realised. But nothing changes for the long-term without the full backing of those in management further up the chain and indeed of those from a wider industry perspective. It is truly selfless leadership from both individuals and corporations equally, that will drive the lasting change the industry requires.

North Sea gave Logistics a Push

UK North Sea work has boosted proceeds at energy logistics company Peterson Offshore Group. Netherlands based Peterson said yesterday operating profits from its United Kingdom businesses, including Aberdeen-based subsidiaries Peterson UK and 80:20 Procurement Services, grew by 9% last year, to £8.3 million. This is a pretty good rise.

The figure is more than half the group are total operating profits of nearly £16 million, an increase of 33% on the preceding year. Their revenue from the North Sea raised up to £12million to deliver a contribution of £288 to a group-wide figure of £550million.

Peterson said significant growth was seen at its offshore supply bases in Shetland, where it delivered logistics support for big oil and gas projects west of the islands.

The group also said that its operating companies capitalised a further £3.8 million in buildings and apparatus during 2013, comprising on warehousing and offices that are in Aberdeen. About 82,000 square feet of warehouse space and two additional berths at Aberdeen harbor were included to support growth in Peterson’s supply base management services.

New project teams were also recognised to support logistics consultancy activities following contract wins in the Middle East and India. In addition, the group invested in the development of new software in response to growing demand that is going to offer smart solutions and innovations for its customers.